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Television Saved My Life (Iron Curtain Cover) Industrial Song
Pet That Kitty (Gigantic Brain Cover) Heavy Metal Song
The Sad Ballad About Little Rabbit's Cruel Fate (feat Hania Zdunek) Cinematic Song
Weak Industrial Song
I Disappear Heavy Metal Song
Soul's Post-Mortem Journey Heavy Metal Song
Road to Despair Heavy Metal Song
Someday Industrial Song
Tornado Dreams Heavy Metal Song

2015 Submissions

Dungeon Hens Funk Song
Stone Catapult Funk Song
Wicked Farmer Funk Song
Title Screen Funk Song

2014 Submissions

I Want to Be Abducted Miscellaneous Song
Paper Plane Miscellaneous Song
Felecia Danay Funk Song
Penny Flame Miscellaneous Song
Cradle_my_Rock Funk Song

2012 Submissions

Lorelei Lee Industrial Song
Sammy Jayne (shortened) Miscellaneous Song
Sammy Jayne Miscellaneous Song
Sandy Fantasy(Vega Vixen) House Song
Dragon Lily Dubstep Song
Creepy Voice Voice Demo Voice
In Heaven Jazz Song
Tortured With Fear Miscellaneous Song
Virgin Suicide Ghost Miscellaneous Song
Slender Man Miscellaneous Song
Sinners Wails Miscellaneous Song
Labyrinths of Hell Miscellaneous Song